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    • Halle Berry Chugs a Pint of Whiskey at Comic Con
      Late at night, two brothers, Will and Roger, arrive at a closed factory in search of their missing father, who is undertaking secret experiments there designed to solve world hunger. Though the elder brother, Roger, is skeptical of his father, the younger brother, Will, defends him.

      Upon entering the building, they follow a set of footprints in the dust to a room that Will was warned never to enter. Going inside, they find a trail of gigantic dead rats, each larger than the last, followed by the bodies of a house cat and a dog, both also of enormous size. Roger begins to put things together and believes that whatever food their father created must have increased the size of the dead animals once they ate it. So anything that eats this super food will do the same. Will turns on the lights to see a mass of white strands in one corner that apparently are pure protein.

      Concluding that something even larger killed the cat and the dog, the two brothers follow the footsteps to an old elevator that invokes nostalgic memories. Roger thinks that the elevator doesn't work anymore, but then it starts to come down. When it reaches the ground, however, the doors open to reveal a huge spider that had grown due to the effects of their father's experiment, but was much larger than all of the other dead animals. It snatches them and takes them upward into the dark, while both are screaming and struggling to try to get free. When the elevator reaches the top, the screaming stops and one of their flashlights drop to the bottom of the shaft, its lens cracked from when it hit the ground. Blood then drips onto the floor below, implying that the spider has killed and devoured Will and Roger.
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  • Make America Covfefe AgaiX
    • Nice guy is the worst thing a guy could be
      Stay single and get laid. If there's one thing i've learned from watching my friends and family get torn apart, it's that women are never completely satisfied. Women don't know the power they have. They ruin families, friendships, and now countries because of feminazis. If you put your wife and children first, you're boring. She will most likely have a side affair so it doesn't ruin the family. If you're an asshole who cheated but never wanted to be tied down in the first place, they complain about never finding a good man. I feel for the men who were born in this era. Getting into relationships, you're either heartbroken or you find yourself giving her half your money. I love my mother to death, but she is a complainer. Just like my aunts, ex girlfriends, and friends. I'm not calling them worthless, I'm saying that they need to understand that no man is perfect, just like they aren't. Don't look for love if it's not your first priority after children. That "put yourself first" attitude you women find so "attractive", is was causes the entire world to suffer. 
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    • Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997) - action, adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, thriller
      Shao Khan, the Emperor of the Outworld, has illegally opened the portal between that realm and Earth. If it remains open, on the seventh day, all of mankind shall be destroyed. Now the Lightning God Rayden and four mortals - Liu Kang, Sonya Blade, Princess Kitana and Jax, have 6 days to find a way to close this portal and save the Earth, battling the evil forces of the Outworld as they proceed.
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  • QuenceX
    • What happens if the betus goes untreated?
      Millions of Americans are walking around with untreated type 2 diabetes. You can go several years without it affecting you all. Some people can go for decades with untreated betus as long as they live a clean healthy lifestyle.

      Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease. If you live a clean lifestyle and you get diabetes simply because of your genetics, you can keep it under control for many years merely through lifestyle changes.
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