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    • 3 shot at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park on MLK Day. SHOCKED, SHOCKED, SHOCKED
      One interesting prediction in the comments is that soon all of this violence will be blamed on Trump.

      I find that plausible (although historically unlikely) will black on black crimes get more coverage so as to try & show normies how Trump has "destroyed" the "African American" community?

      After pissgate it's clear that "liberals" are so triggered they're capable of anything... no matter how crazy & detrimental to their own cause.
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  • Finance_BoiX
    • An amazing feat with more to come
      The home-crafted potato soup tastes good. Might be a bit tastier than the canned shit. Surely cheaper. Store-bought soup has soared in price.

      The consistency of my shit is comparable to the can shit. The potatoes are soft but not mushy. These also are similar to the canned stuff.

      Here is the ingredients and amounts of my shack-famous edible stuff:

      8 large taters peeled and cut into chunks of the size I wanted. You opt for the size that makes your liver quiver with delight.

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  • GruntledX
    • Whoa, Feds just hauled in gay nightclub shooters

      This is confusing. It says the Florida AG refused to charge aiding Isis. Only obstruction.

      According to a source close to the investigation, the U.S. Attorney in Florida and attorneys within the Dept. of Justice, the agencies, which jointly prosecute terrorism cases, wanted to charge Salman with directly supporting ISIS, in addition to aiding the terror network through her husband.

      However, Acting Assistant Attorney General Mary McCord refused to support additional charges.
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    • Yo mama
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    • I worked for 20 years in IT. Paid off my mortgage and saved a nest egg. I can afford to live on minimum wage now.
      Not in IT, but I've done the same thing. I now work six months on (at temp/contract gigs, usually low paying) and six months off to just relax and be an introvert and avoid people.

      The only thing that has been denting my nest egg is the fucking health insurance cost and these goddamned property taxes they keep raising. I have to work 3 months just to cover the prop tax to pay for illegals in school and fat city worker pensions :mad:

      As Gruntled would say :

      Fuck! :rant:

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    • Underemployed.trev
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