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    • Sherilla Nicki Minaj still got the nice long coal black shiny hair
      "The 34-year-old rap diva - who relies on stylist Maher Jridi - also sported knee-length hair extensions as her entourage toted her Louis Vuitton luggage through the terminal."

      Maybe that hair is too long.


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  • NisseX
    • I just finished Fallout 4, what new (or old games) should I play next?
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      I thought the gameplay was decent. Not places where I'd get stuck. Not places where I'd get killed over and over again. I understand the complaint about the amount of content but I'm also the guy who gave up on Fallout New Vegas because holy fuck, that game was just too fucking long. The Mass Effect games were never too long for me, just about the right length.

      You know what one of the worst fucking games I ever played was? Destiny. Holy fucking shit that was fucking horrible. And the hype around it, when the game came out it was like $100. And that's without the fucking DLCs.

      ZERO character development, I didn't care about anything. And the worst fucking thing was they reused the same fucking maps. You'd go to a new place and it was the same fucking map you played 2 or 3 levels ago. Holy fuck, what was their budget. Complete fucking waste of time.

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    • gaming old fart
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    • Sopranos TV show
      I didn't want to believe that Tony died at first, but I have come to accept he did. Seeing as Gandolfini died anyway, it's easier to let go. Somehow, seeing Tony die wouldn't have worked.

      Although, by mob rules, family are not touched. I could imagine AJ being totally fucked up and Carmela desperately trying to get Tony's stashes of money.
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    • Gruntled
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  • GruntledX
    • Insane Pizzagate bagger headed to prison.
      It's bizarre how the MSM circles the wagons around those creepy fucks at Comet Pizza and feverishly attack anyone who investigates the "Pizzagate" allegations. Why would the major news networks give a fuck about a shitass little pizza parlor? Someone is definitely hiding something.
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    • ITT: your favorite DM song -

      I do not listen to DM or DM.

      My eclectic music choices are nonpareil and reflect the socioeconomic groups I existed in throughout the decades.

      There are so damn many decent songs out there it is nigh-on impossible to convey to other dregs as to what a dreg considers to be mighty-fine music.

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