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    • I worked for 20 years in IT. Paid off my mortgage and saved a nest egg. I can afford to live on minimum wage now.
      Not in IT, but I've done the same thing. I now work six months on (at temp/contract gigs, usually low paying) and six months off to just relax and be an introvert and avoid people.

      The only thing that has been denting my nest egg is the fucking health insurance cost and these goddamned property taxes they keep raising. I have to work 3 months just to cover the prop tax to pay for illegals in school and fat city worker pensions :mad:

      As Gruntled would say :

      Fuck! :rant:

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    • Underemployed.trev
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    • >> 01/16/2017 05:25 PM : .
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    • tonite on british TV....
      It's quite clear that the British government has been completely co-opted by jews. The BBC is propaganda - it makes no bones about what it is. I mean, it's government-run! What else do you expect?

      I have always marveled at the fact so many English actually think the BBC is to be trusted. To a free-thinking American, the idea of a government-run TV station would be anathema. While the US does have PBS, no one watches it except a small number of leftists.
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    • >> 01/16/2017 04:43 PM : .
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    • yo, what is this.

      Hambs knew that with the level of retardation here the board would have been a complete mess had he allowed an unrestricted input format. Thanks to himb, all posts are clean and easy on the reading eyez.

      Glory to Hambs! ::

      Where the fuck is he, anyway?
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    • >> 01/16/2017 04:18 PM : .
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    • What. The. Fuck?
      When my oldest kid was about 4 years old, he cried like that. He cried so hard he passed out. I laughed so hard I almost passed out. :laugh:
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      You have gone off the rails Sparky!

      The Trumpenfuhrer will do as is needed. You just shine your saber and clean your guns. Be ready. The parousia could be like a thief in the night!
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    • >> 01/16/2017 03:46 PM : .
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    • Is "Fighting Irish" an offensive team name?
      "In Northern Ireland, they see a "Fighting" leprechaun, fists raised and teeth gritted, in a darker light. In Indiana, we don't notice the same bleak undertones."

      Well, no shit. That's because they're a bunch of protestant crybaby scotsmen.
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