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    • Voldergrad Arsewhistle
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    • Arizona TFB bails bad boy out of prison with predictable results. I hope she wasn't married or had kids...
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      Looks like he hooked this RobStein character: :lol:

      I've looked at some of your other comments and it is clear that you hate Jews. Probably never met one or even know that your doctor is probably Jewish and when you get in legal trouble you'll most likely have a young Jewish public defender. In any event your comment about "Asian mystery meat" is also interesting in that it show your utter disdain (look it up) for people not like you. Somehow...I feel that you think that you and the white race (especially the goons you hang with) are superior to those of a different faith and/or different ethnic groups. In you previous comments, you knock African Americans or people of a darker completion. Typical for what is most likely a alcoholic family, a hell-hole of an upbringing, beatings and being told you are stupid...which you most assuredly are. Anyway, just wanted to call you for what good you contribute to our nation...nothing.
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    • Would you take a $10-15K salary cut for a low stress job?
      Jobs like that are always - always under threat of consultants, PowerPoint inspired managers, cronies and new supervisors who are "all about customer service."

      They can easily turn that low stress, lower paying job into a high stress, lower paying job.

      So be careful what you wish for.
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    • It is obvious that in my country we are against Allende style democratic coup but the CIA does not oppose it but is a co-conspir

      AT the same time even though CIA and related agencies of intelligence community serve as "fall guy" they are not exactly "falling" - they are performance actors of "change". So tar budgets of any given country are being used as grateful dead attrition warfare "self" financing options of this genocide. It is supplemented by various even darker shades of this hawalla starting from grants, programs, startups, balanced fairs (lottery, gambling, casinos, bookies, etc), activity of supranational organizations such as UN, EU, academic institutions, ngo's, think tanks, etc.. So real boots on the ground of this urban warfare is something very different than classical military conflict governed by conventional warfare. But conventional military options are on the table as well and used in all kinds of ways starting from "information society" mechanisms as depicted in that orwell book 1984. So uniformed military role is to serve more or less for creating and managing insecurity. Such zones are being utilized in some sort of ways that are out of scope of inquiry by general public except CIA lemon party gestapo collectives such as OSCE. Notice everyone in OSCE speaks with a NAMBLA lisp? So if they have developed some methodologies for breeding, farming humans to serve as bioweapons - bacha bazi is being utilized in this fashion. But it's mistake to assume anything. We are forced into a role of shamans, speculating wildly about their red hands. I bet it's amusing for them - they are having a kick reading such comments.
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    • Want to piss off the SJW "Me Too" fuckers on Facebook?
      Wait for them to talk about whatever actress asked all women who had been sexually assaulted to post "Me too" on their wall, and then just comment

      "I guess men never get sexually assaulted"

      When they get all upset, you just point out that men suffer just as badly when it happens to them, and isn't it fair to get a more clear picture of humanity as a whole? Why are they ignoring the greater problem to focus on one aspect of it?

      I've had 4 SJW's unfriend me today. I knew they were on edge, but, its funny to push them over that edge. :snicker:
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