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    • How do i become Jew wise?
      Watch the credits of any Hollywood movie, or look the owners and authors of any media pushing a leftist social justice agenda.

      The credits read like a bar mitzvah invitation. It's hard to unsee.
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    • good work, Libtards. Net hours down since raising minimum wage in Seattle

      As I've Been Saying - Seattle's Move To $15 Minimum Wage Kills Jobs, Lowers Low Incomes

      We have the next installment in the University of Washington's investigation into the effects of Seattle's minimum wage rising to $15 and the results are as standard economics, and I, predicted--a loss of jobs among those getting those low wages and thus a diminution of their economic welfare.

      The net loss in hours was reported in an NPR piece I was listening to earlier.

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  • BeaverCleaverX
    • Rhodes Scholars, who can tell me which country this flag belongs to?
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      This is a myth spread about by bitter plastic paddies outside of Ireland (e.g. those living in shitholes like Australia). The reality is that Proddies in Ireland fell into three categories: 1) Ascendancy types, genuine colonials, who nevertheless gave rise to Irish patriots such as Tone and Parnell and Ireland's greatest poet W.B. Yeats; 2) native Irish peasants who converted en masse to Protestantism because they worked on landed estates owned by Protestants and barely noticed the change of religion because they were (and largely still are) semi-pagan anyway; and 3) individuals who converted from Catholicism to Protestantism in order to get married, like my own great-great-grandfather.
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    • Today's adventure in it
      glamorous titles have always been laughable....janitors being called VP of waste management, etc.

      Happy tues GP.

      nite crew.

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    • Gpile.
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