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    • Historic SF site says goodbye to its porn movies


      Porn film director J.P. Pike was packing up a roomful of bondage equipment in the basement of the Mission District Armory on Monday morning - all manner of heavy piping and leg irons and clamps and cuffs and other mysterious metal objects.

      "This is the vice bondage set," Pike said. "It started out as a small little corner and just expanded more and more over time. We're going to take all this and put it in a U-Haul and head to Vegas."

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    • Day 26 of Zero Carbs. Have lost 19 pounds so far. Feel fantastic.
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      I have read some reports that say cocaine is actually good for keeping you from absorbing fat. Think about it, have you ever seen a fat coke-head?

      But I wonder if this can be made in some way, that cocaine is used for weight loss without the other negative side effects, at least not all of them. Maybe small doses in pill form, called something else so people won't know it is cocaine. Or some variant of cocaine.
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