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    • LOL, While Asian kids MOMS request more homework, US mom sent this email
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      At Ohio State University, a Chinese student took tests for Chinese classmates for cash last year, guaranteeing an A.

      At the University of California, Irvine, some international students used a lost-ID-card ruse to let impersonators take exams in place of others.

      At the University of Arizona, a professor told of Chinese students handing in multiple copies of the same incorrect test answers.

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    • i dont want to die in nucular war
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      C'mon. You really think the jews that control Russia would start a nuclear war with the jews that control America? Will never happen. The jewish powers-that-be don't want to die from radiation poisoning. They might start WW3, but they won't use nukes. It will be a conventional war where lots of goyim/cattle will die.
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    • Do you use a Catither, for Fun?
      My late father's urologist let me know my dad needed to use a catheter or he could be getting dangerous UTIs.

      I tested it on myself. :shudder: Never again!
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    • BWAHAHAHA!!!!! Federal judge blocks tRump from cutting off funds to sanctuary cities.
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      Texas passed the Sanctuary City Bill


      The bill would allow local peace officers to question the immigration status of those they legally detain and not arrest. It would also allow for the removal from office any law enforcement official who does not cooperate with federal immigration officials. Those who do not comply also could be charged with a Class A misdemeanor and could face jailtime.
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    • Now, about those Trump supporters.
      Trump only appeals to retarded rednecks who own non-working pickup up truck and deaf hound dogs. Has a lot of kids, but not sure which of them are his.
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