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    • will going to the gym make me more attractive to women??
      Not necessarily. It depends on what you actually do at the gym.

      At my gym there's a cohort of lecherous older guys who show up but never seem to workout. They wander around, gossip with each other, and stare at women. All of the women I've talked to think those guys are creepy. But those guys seem to think they're hot stuff. They're not.
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    • Do women over 50 actually get horny and enjoy sex? Or do they fuck just to feel like they're still young?
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      My partner insecurity is getting worst because they way I look younger with nice skin, Exercise and being active is the best to make more younger. My priority is myself and I love myself to look good. Exercise increases your lebido and dopamine. He does not do anything. I have not cheated yet and I

      cannot promise to be faithful for a long time. I know some men approached many times asking for a date and turned them down. I long for kisses and touch. I am so horny at the age 60. Why?
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