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    • I was a Trump supporter, but not anymore.
      I wasn't a Trump supporter before. I voted for Sanders. I actually hated Trump.

      Now I love the guy. He has done what he said he was going to do and is trying to do his best. All the Democrats do is bitch and whine.
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    • >> 03/24/2017 07:19 PM : .
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    • It's official: Last-minute tweaks to Trumpcare cost $200 billion more, and still kick 24 million sepps off their insiranc

      No, it's not socialized healthcare. It's socialized health INSURANCE. Most doctors in France are private, hospitals are a mix of public and private, just like the US. And everyone's free to buy supplemental private insurance if they want.

      And even under the standard benefit, insurance is only paying about 75%, so everyone's got some skin in the game.

      Yes, poor people pay very little for coverage, middle class pays more, rich people pay a lot more. Which is not a lot different from Medicaid patients paying very little, subsidized Obamacare paying more, and the rich paying full freight plus the cap gains tax.
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    • Trump tried to burn down Obamacare. He set his hair on fire instead
      Burning Obamacare to the ground was always a House Republican obsession that Trump, in the heat of the campaign, took up to spite the president while tossing a little red meat to Republicans. "Repeal and replace" is alliterative, after all: it sounds nice enough on an arena stage. It's just hard to pull off in the real world, as Donald Trump found out on Friday.

      Blessed with total control of government, Republicans can only think of how best to burn the house down - and they're not even doing a good job at that. The House speaker, Paul Ryan, unjustly heralded as a policy wonk, tried to rush his healthcare bill to the floor for a vote on Thursday, only to find the moderates and extremists in his party rebelling. On Friday, Donald Trump was forced to pull the bill, due to lack of support from his own party.

      It was a humiliating defeat, which he tried to blame - unbelievably - on the Democrats.


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    • >> 03/24/2017 07:01 PM : .
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    • Collar buttons or not?
      Monogram Collar Stays

      Item #: 88525S

      The perfect gift for for a classy gent or sophisticated lady, these monogram collar stays keep you looking crisp and polished with a personalized touch. Made with 14k gold, these collar stays are durable and truly a unique piece to cherish.


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    • >> 03/24/2017 06:50 PM : .
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    • Spanky on ET. How fat is he?
      Fat slobs have short lives.

      Just think of how funny its going to be when he strokes out. Somebody should try to get that on film. Talk about comedy gold.
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    • >> 03/24/2017 06:31 PM : .
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