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    • Cryogenically frozen brains will be 'woken up' and transplanted in donor bodies within three years, claims surgeon
      Well, they may bring Ted Williams back but I doubt the poor fucker will ever bat .400 again...

      ESPN.com news services

      PHOENIX -- A new book by a former employee of Alcor, the company that froze Ted Williams' remains, alleges the Baseball Hall of Famer's body was mistreated by the company.

      Larry Johnson says in the book "Frozen: My Journey Into the World of Cryonics, Deception and Death" that he watched an Alcor official swing a monkey wrench at Williams' frozen severed head to try to remove a tuna can stuck to it. The first swing accidentally struck the head, Johnson contends, and the second knocked the tuna can loose.

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    • I feel sorry for Kim Kardashian
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      "Told chat show host Ellen DeGeneres how she is a 'completely different person' and no longer values material goods"

      She will soon be the greedy slut she used to be.


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    • Hey Trump: You still have to build the wall and this is why.
      The populations of desperate people is going to hit a critical mass. Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Central America. You must protect our childrens children from the hordes that will head north. You need that 30 ft wall or else the military will be overwhelmed. Same with Europe. South America, Africa and South Asia are headed to disaster with over population. They will overrun the developed world. It will get ugly. The males are too stupid to pull out. Low IQs. Retards. They will be like Locusts. Mexico needs a wall their Southern Border too. We'd be smart to help build it.
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    • There will always be Kings

      Yes, because that's how the system works. It is not a coincidence but a subtle yet powerful system. All AB- people are basically cousins or second cousins.
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