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    • America has been financing and organising "grass roots" resistance movements to overthrow govts around the world for decades
      using "revolution consultants" basedin Belgrade. You can google this and watch various documentaries about how these "spontaneous, grass roots movements" pop up and overthrow a government, from the Arab Springs, to eastern European colour revolutions etc.

      Pause. What is happening in America has A L L the hallmarks of the same kind of subversive, organised domestic terrorist groups, trying to gain a critical mass of people with ambitions on overthrowing the American government. Groups such as AntiFa.

      I don't know who is organising this group (and others). Some posters here blame Soros. Someone needs to do a deep dive investigation into AntiFa and any other group that has radical, violent policies and followers.

      It's actually quite dangerous because it is ideaologically divisive, and has the potential to spread like cancer, quickly. These AntiFa terrorists (correct word) will literally pressure under threat of violence everyone they meet to accept and adopt their ideaology. And because they seem to have the support of the mainstream media, they are never contextualised and portrayed for what they are i.e. thugs, illogical, violent, misguided and dangerous.

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    • >> 04/28/2017 03:39 AM : .
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    • GTR: Facebook tard live streams hanging his baby, plucky FB leaves the
      video up for 24 hours for the world to view.

      A Thai man recorded himself killing his 11-month-old daughter and posted the clip to Facebook before taking his own life, police said Tuesday.

      The video was visible on the father's Facebook page for nearly 24 hours before it was taken down, authorities said.

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    • >> 04/28/2017 12:57 AM : .
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    • Pew Research; more than half of Mexicans think the USA has no right to enforce its border
      "The US belongs to Mexico and the savage indians! Even though we had no established governments and no understanding of the concept of land ownership. We were here for thousands of years with an abundance of wildlife and natural resources yet we simply followed the migrations of wild game and had little or no civilization. Then the racist white man came and tamed the wild land and made the greatest nation on earth in a matter of a couple hundred years.

      So, the product of the white man's superior ingenuity belongs to us."



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    • >> 04/28/2017 12:56 AM : .
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    • Can you find the venomous snake in the photo?
      Page: 2
      I was bit by one of those once. Didn't hurt that much and didn't go to the doctor. After it bit me, I kept it as a pet. Unfortunately, it was winter and I put it by the window and it froze to death. After it died, I ate it. Tasted like hamster.
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    • Worst jobs of 2017
      Career Opportunities. Bus Driver, Ambulance Man ...
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