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    • Trump's got it wrong on BMW tariffs. The only requirement should be that Germany opens its markets to US cars.
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      mercedes, audi, bmw, land rover, jaguar--all at the very bottom of every reliability metric going back decades--worse than ford, worse than gm, worse than chrysler

      euro cars are universally shit and to fix them outside of their home country is prohibitively expensive because the parts are so expensive--american cars may not be the most reliable on the road, but they're cheap to acquire and when they break, far far cheaper to fix than euro cars
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    • >> 01/17/2017 09:34 AM : .
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    • Stupidest poster name in the history of these boards: KANCY NEVERAGAIN.
      I'm still waiting for someone to prove that God doesn't exist. You know, the one described in the Bible. Don't try to prove that the Devil exists because he doesn't.

      How about someone from the Church of Atheist chiming in? They are building a new Atheist Temple down the street from me.
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    • >> 01/17/2017 01:33 AM : .
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      You identify yourself as genderqueer. What does that mean to you, and what significance does it play in your work?

      So genderqueer is a gender identity. It's pretty individual to every person. In general, for me, it means it's non-binary. It's not particularly male or female. It exists between this liminal space; between masculinity and femininity and somewhere outside of patriarchy. It's about finding a different expression that is closely aligned to difference - the real appreciation and love of difference. In that way, I identify across different intersections. It's not like I can throw away my identity as a woman, because it's what I've been most socialised in, in the way that we are socialised into being things and maybe, younger people will eventually not be so violated by. It's a constant state of war with patriarchy and the way in which we are all made to pay these massive debts to capitalism, and the way in which we're asked to violate others.
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    • 3 shot at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park on MLK Day. SHOCKED, SHOCKED, SHOCKED
      One interesting prediction in the comments is that soon all of this violence will be blamed on Trump.

      I find that plausible (although historically unlikely) will black on black crimes get more coverage so as to try & show normies how Trump has "destroyed" the "African American" community?

      After pissgate it's clear that "liberals" are so triggered they're capable of anything... no matter how crazy & detrimental to their own cause.
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    • Is vaping a jewish plot?
      There isn't a risk for popcorn lung. That has been scientifically dispelled and the flavors that used diacytl were using .001 parts per billion or something like that. Way less than is in real cigs. There is concern over burning the fuck out of your coils and breathing the metal fumes in, but nobody is taking hits that hot; they're mostly glowed red hot in the cleaning of the coil. The biggest risk is dipshits that don't understand ohm's law and and go fucking around with sub-ohm builds with shitty fake Chinese batteries.
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    • >> 01/17/2017 12:12 AM : .
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