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    • i dont want to die in nucular war
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      C'mon. You really think the jews that control Russia would start a nuclear war with the jews that control America? Will never happen. The jewish powers-that-be don't want to die from radiation poisoning. They might start WW3, but they won't use nukes. It will be a conventional war where lots of goyim/cattle will die.
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    • There is no hope for my life so I should kill myself.

      I just spent 20 minuties in a detailed suicidal ideation fantasy. Then I took a 30 second break to take a piss. Then I spent another ten minutes fantasizing about suicide. Then I saw the link at the top of the page about the bomb blast in Syria and spent some time wishing I had been at the exact epicenter. And so on.
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  • death2meX
    • Jon Benet crime solved?

      The 9 year old son tied those knots, staged the crime scene and obtained a non family member semen sample at 4am


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  • GruntledX
      CHICAGO 04/24-1017


      CHICAGO CRIME NEWS: http://chicago.suntimes.com/news/1-killed-4-wounded-in-weekend-shootings-across-chicago/
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