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    • ITT: your favorite DM song -

      I do not listen to DM or DM.

      My eclectic music choices are nonpareil and reflect the socioeconomic groups I existed in throughout the decades.

      There are so damn many decent songs out there it is nigh-on impossible to convey to other dregs as to what a dreg considers to be mighty-fine music.

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  • TrollsteinX
    • Chuck Berry was a vile, nigger felon who had to use pickup bands
      I think he probably molested his daughter.

      Years ago he appeared onstage with his daughter. He gave her a very un-fatherly hug. She pulled away and cringed.

      I don't know, but I thought the only thing that could have caused that response was a history of sexual molestation.

      Maybe not, but shit it was creepy to see.
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