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      You dig past the "bull & spin" on any social or political problem in America, you'll find a Pharisees open shekel bag... every time.
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    • >> 06/27/2017 06:43 PM : .
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    • PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP has PROVEN to be a WINNER, and those that have chosen to take him on, have all TURNED OUT to be LOSERS

      I really think he just has a cash cow for him and his buddies for the next few years, they have no limits on spending and it really dosen't matter if they find any crimes when you get right down to it.

      Shit, they are shedding more light on corrupt dems than anything, and the more they dig the more will come up and they will not be able to ignore it and will have to investigate their own people they have been covering for all these years.

      That's why Trump trapped Comey the way he did, and started all this - Trump is a lot smarter and craftier than you give him credit for.
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    • >> 06/26/2017 04:19 PM : .
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