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    • MLK march covered by local media
      Not a huge crowd. A brief garble by the TV "reporter" on-site mumbled "around 100" I think. No rush for local media to place video on their sites. RACISTS!!!!

      As the marchers passed the close-by TV camera I saw a mostly morose bunch without much energy or pep to their steps. Lots of smog Negroes who gave an appearance of having to be there marching in the cold... not wanting to be there. A sizable percentage of Whites present and from what I saw and interpreted, body language and the general impression I obtained was that the Negroes would have been glad if the White devils had stayed home or, perhaps, had restricted their presence as to that of spectators cheering on the marchers.

      It would surely be best to keep differing CULTURES separate. Whites that want to live chimp-out lives should live among Negro beasts and educated classy Negroes would fit right in with the country club set and some trashy Negroes have more in common with White trash filth and on and on.

      Behaviors and mannerisms count, not skin color.

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