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      • Fscking Moron
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      • Gruntled posted:
        Some good tunes from those blokes.

        yep, for sure. used to see them at Winterland in San Francisco back then. good times
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      • Fscking Moron
      • Re: Deep Purple
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        Jimmy_Tomorrow posted:
        First vinyl LP I ever bought, Machine Head.

        My poor parents.



        TURN IT UP!!!
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      • Fscking Moron
      • Re: Deep Purple
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      • Jimmy_Tomorrow posted:
        My birthday present that year was a set of headphones.

        OH, FLASH BACK TIME...deep purple on a hit of purple barrel...the overhead oil projection on the walls and ceiling. and ohhhhhhhh that smell, can't ya smell that smell, that smell is all around you...the purple haze. wow, I wonder if that all was real or just a dream...:thumbup:
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