• Berkeley teacher up to her sheenanigans. Be great if an illegal alien handled the wench

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      • https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/california/articles/2017-08-28/free-speech-vs-safety-debated-after-rally-turns-violent


        Yvonne Felarca, a spokeswoman for the militant left-wing organization By Any Means Necessary, defended Sunday's violence. She called it self-defense, though it there were no indications anyone one tried to physically harm the anarchists at the park.

        She said right-wing extremists are often armed and want to fight left-wing opponents, concluding that Sunday's violence was a "success" and sent a message that speech her group considers fascist will not be allowed in ultraliberal Berkeley

        Felarca was charged last month with assault and helping incite a riot in Sacramento last year. The June 2016 melee between about 30 members of a neo-Nazi group and 300 counter-protesters ended with 14 people suffering stab wounds, cuts and bruises.

        Berkeley Police Chief Andrew Greenwood said he ordered officers to abandon the park when the black-clad activists arrived. Confronting them would have risked escalating the violence and jeopardizing the safety of the peaceful protesters, Greenwood said.

        The mayor said the police acted appropriately, saying the anarchists "were trying to provoke the police."


        "It played into the false narrative that some conservatives have spun," about violent left-wing stifling of free speech, Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin said Monday, a day after the anarchists assaulted the people they thought were right-wing extremists and pepper sprayed Gibson.

        Gibson's supporters said the Berkeley police failed to protect the handful of right-wing supporters who showed up at the park Sunday afternoon by allowing the black-clad demonstrators to take over the city park without opposition. The right-wing group was outnumbered by thousands of opponents, but the rally was tense but peaceful until the anarchists arrived."

        Read the article. Politicians are assisting Antifa and their hoodlum friends. Military needs to get involved. Send those traitor politicians to military tribunals. That school teacher needs a trial. I will guess a 20-years at hard labor sentence.

        There is some serious shit going on in the USA and the fucking mass media is downplaying this stuff.

        Patriots better start doing some heavy-duty planning and get shit done in the most efficient effective manner.
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      • Re: Berkeley teacher up to her sheenanigans. Be great if an illegal alien handled the wench
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      • "Be great if an illegal alien handled the wench".

        Illegals have already taken over all the construction jobs that weakwhytes are too soft to handle, now the alt right cucks need them to beat short fat women up for them too? :lol:
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