• If Antifa attacks

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        Headed for the Kmart parking lot. Taking large USA flag attached to 7-foot 2-inch thick wooden pole. A pike to placate Antifa or other ne'er-do-wells, if required. Throat and eye pokes restrain rambunctiousness.

        If shit goes down look for the husky handsome fellow wearing this:

        If Antifa attacks #1

        Fuck you

        If interviewed by media will slip in "F169 BBS"

        If shit goes down will do my utmost to be a worthwhile representative of the Dregs of the Web and make the cesspool proud.

        Fuck yeah


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      • Fscking Moron
      • Re: If Antifa attacks
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      • Mr. Gruntled, while you're there, could you pick up a set of doilies? I'm having company over and I don't want water marks from their glasses on the granite countertops.

        Also, if an antifa moron harasses you, please do leave a water mark on their eyeball.
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      • Fscking Moron
      • Re: If Antifa attacks
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      • antifa should be tracked down, arrested, charged with domestic terrorism and sedition, prosecuted, and put in one gigantic mixed race, mixed gender specially built prison. Hundreds of CCTV cameras should record them every day, and televise it every night. Like a REAL version of Big Brother. As their tolerance and love for every group quickly fades we could all enjoy watching them kill one another. AMIRITE.

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