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    • Craigslist Champs - 21 March 2018
      If you like to mock people begging on the web, you might be interested in r/assistance.
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  • Jack BriscoX
    • Craigslist Champs - 6 March 2018
      More trouble than they would be worth.

      Single mom and child (Morenovalley)

      Need a place as soon as possible . Woman or man .. woman preferred. Left a bad relationship need to start fresh need a peaceful open environment I am 24 years old my son is 3 .. I'm low on cash but any offers live in Nanny , housekeeping I am great with children and cooking and cleaning . I only can work from home my son has a colostomy bag I am in the process of becoming a caregiver for my son I am only able to work from home I am a caregiver in the system already , we are fun happy quiet I just need stability so I can work on rebuilding our life I receive assistance a month from welfare but honestly I'm a singer ,artist (illustration, painting) and a mom I'm honest , generous and focused on doing better for myself and son I need a miracle !
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  • Jack BriscoX
    • Craigslist Champs - 22 February 2018
      Sounds like a real train wreck here. My guess...white trash.

      $250 Young couple expecting baby please help (Killeen area)

      My fiance makes around $2500!! Help!!

      {I'm 37 weeks pregnant, and just received notice of my fiance and I are being evicted. I witnessed a drug deal gone bad and they attacked my fiancee when he was trying to enter the apt, since the cops didn't witness they said they couldn't arrest but they filed a report for violence activity.

      THE REASON WE ARE BEING EVICTED: my fiancee called the people who assaulted him, "uneducated mofo" in front of the landlord cuz the landlord was taking pictures of the assault, BECAUSE the people who assaulted him came back and were saying inappropriate things like "go fuxck your mother with a sick dixck ""

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  • Jack BriscoX
    • Craigslist Champs - 12 January 2018
      This person is as fucked up as a football bat. Pics. Believe she is just up shit creek. The more babbling the post, the more fucked up the poster.

      $500 Betsy DeVos will not be your roommate (flagstaff)

      I am a disabled Veteran with MS who is a musician and designs and sews clothes for women, selling them on Etsy right now, I am not a member of the Trump administration and I have nothing to do with my cousin who is a Republican elected official in Michigan. I just want to rock and make beats and not be told I should die by agencies who are supposed to help the disabled because Betsy DeVos acknowledged on Twitter she knows my adoptive family. Yes, this has happened with many Federally funded housing agencies so. I am giving up and looking for a room and changing my first name to Oprah. I am serious about that because, well, I have a band and it would be funny and I....sigh.

      Adopted is the operative word and people need to do better things with their time.

      I am not named Oprah yet to distance myself from this nonsense yet so here is the deal.

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  • Jack BriscoX
    • Craigslist Champs - 28 December 2017
      Page: 2
      He's the kind of moron who interviews for a $12/hour entry-level job and starts telling them about his 180 IQ.



      Then he wonders why no one will hire him.
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  • Jack BriscoX
    • Craigslist Champs - 27 December 2017
      Page: 2
      If your name is Misty and you live in Vegas,

      chances are you are already turning tricks.

      $500 in 2 weeks?

      Hell, an ambitious young woman like yourself can make that much in 2 hours,

      or do you just pimp yourself out for a place to stay?
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  • Jack BriscoX
    • Craigslist Champs - 6 December 2017
      Page: 2 3
      It's a shame morons don't use birth control. This is truer still for the third world. Some retard would struggle to feed 1-2 kids, has 8, and foreign aid then encourages those morons to have 8 kids each. This is called dysgenics.
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  • Jack BriscoX
    • Craigslist Champs - Halloween 2017
      She's been looking, seemingly forever.

      Seeking room exchange asap (Henderson.boulder city)

      Seeking a furnished room in exchange for housekeeping doggie sit house sit

      Or other chores

      Its for me female middle aged

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  • Jack BriscoX
    • Craigslist Champs - 11 October 2017
      Believe she'd be a big pain in the ass.

      $400 SWF Disabled "Senior Citizen" NEEDS ROOM ASAP (Spring Valley/old SW Las Vegas)

      $400 SWF Disabled ALMOST Senior Citizen

      (SW Vegas.. Spring Valley area)

      50 yr old Disabled, on SSI, SWF looking to rent a room ASAP inc all utilities in a CLEAN, CALM AND QUIET home for NO MORE THAN $400 a month. I am a great cook, extremely quiet, keep to myself, very clean. I will have a home care assistant that comes in to clean and help me with medical appointments daily. I do smoke OUTDOORS. I am 420 friendly for medical purposes. I DO NOT drink. I'd like to find a really easy going, kind, friendly, non judgemental, roommate that is at least 50 years or older. I DO NOT have pets. I am ALWAYS on time with rent. (I'm kind of a stickler about that.) I'M NOT LOOKING FOR A FWB SITUATION!!! I DO NOT CLICK ON LINKS AKA YOUR SPAM. If you have a room available in the old SW Vegas area please reply via email with pictures of the room and a contact number. (Not looking for Blue Diamond, Mountain edge, North Las Vegas IT IS TO FAR from my doctors). Thank you.
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  • Jack BriscoX
    • Craigslist Champs - 10 October 2017

      RE: To All The People Looking To Rent (Or Live Free)...

      RIGHT ON to the person who posted this!

      To add to your correct assessment, there are all the posters who:

      - want a casita/private entrance -- there aren't that many casitas in all of LV!

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  • Jack BriscoX
    • Craigslist Champs - 29 August 2017
      Page: 2
      My search is fairly narrow. Start with several cities in CA, then Atlanta, then several cities in TX, and finishing in Las Vegas. I search one city at a time. I only check "housing wanted". This produces an adequate "harvest".
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  • Jack BriscoX
    • Craigslist Champs - 31 August 2017
      Page: 2
      Actually, believe very few of these ads are trolls/jokes. Can usually spot them, and sometimes I post the funniest ones. Would say most of these people sincerely believe they can ask for anything on CL and they will get it. Then they go away disappointed when they get no response or are trolled.
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  • Jack BriscoX
    • Craigslist Champs - 27 July 2017
      Why can't or won't the kids help?

      I'm about to be homeless. I need a place to stay. Anything will help. (Indio or anywhere)

      I'm in need of a place to stay. I've been in a homeless shelter for 8 months and am about to be kicked out for being there to long. I'm in my 50s. My name is merry

      All my children are grown. I have food stamps to eat. So looking for anything. Call or text 909-656-4627
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  • Jack BriscoX
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    • Jack Brisco
    • Posted 03/21/2018 03:49 PM
    • And we start off with another whack job. No fucking way do I even want this person within 10 miles of me.

      I need a safe place to park at night to sleep until I find housing (santa rosa)
      Im getting the door shut on me even from my own doctor and need a safe place to either park my car and sleep or a temporary shelter unitl I find regular permanent housing. I am afraid for my life sleeping in my vehicle and its not due to the rough crowd I hang out with there is truly no one, those are my father's employees he wants to pawn off as my "circle of friends" so if and when they kill me that too can be blamed on me. I am not a difficult person to get along with there will be no smoking/drinking/drugging but I need to sleep and as of tomorrow Thursday March 22nd I have no where to go. Even with a legit medical issue my doc will not extend my stay at a homeless respite called the Nightengales. I will guarantee to pay you on the 11th of April and will give you my SSDI card as collateral to hold. I get a guaranteed 1235.00 monthly. Every second Wednesday of the month. Also an example to those that find my statement humorous I met a huge black man by the name of Luther at the Redwood Gospel Mission for dinner. He asked if he could sit by me and I said of course. I introduced myself and he himself and I asked him where he was from, no answer. Awkward. So where ya from? Then he says Marin and I said hey I was born there and he says me too at Marin General 1960 I said 69. So what part of Marin? Silence. Awkward. So what part of Marin. Marin City. Which is less than a mile from my fathers front door and then Im positive Luther is employee of the month but not the sharpest tool in the shed. His front row space in the projects most likely reads. "MployE of da mont, yo" then Luther tells me I have a four door car and I picked up my tray, dumped it and left. Definitely employee of da mont. Please help.

      Here's another whack job. Jesus!

      Read more in thread...
    • Jack Brisco
    • Posted 03/18/2018 02:12 PM
    • My advice...get a job so you can afford to rent a place without OUR tax dollars, bitch.


      Hello Im a single mother trying to find a way to pass up the section waiting list. I never got good advice on it, I was pretty much told to act the fool to get what you want at their offices. Thats not good enough for me, if your a landlord who allowed section 8 on one of your properties, dome one who recieved their section 8 voucher without waiting years, or an employee, or anyone who wouldnt mind giving a piece of advice please do respond

    • Jack Brisco
    • Posted 03/14/2018 06:43 PM
    • Just doesn't sound right to me.

      Single adult needs place to stay. (Stockton)
      Hello, my name is Danny, and I really need a temporary place tonel home. Must be willing to accept General Assistance payment to cover my rent. Honestly, I am at rock bottom right now, but rapidly regaining my footing. I am 29 years old, and I just had to come back to Stockton to help care for my sick Mother that needed help very desperately. My Mom currently lives in a senior only housing community, and she can only allow me to stay as a visitor for up to 10days before she starts getting in trouble. I also have a wife and two young daughters that I had to temporarily leave behind in Quincy, CA. I cannot relocate my family here with me until I manage to land a job, and a place to live. So you see, I am a man on a mission, and I am moving fast because I miss my family very much. So I have already been approved for General Assistance Housing. I'm just need a place very temperarily to use as a home base. A place where I can continue to help take care of my Mom, and continue to vigerously seek employment. It will just be myself, and I will be ready to move on as soon as I land a steady job. So of there are any good people out there with a little extra space??? You can collect an extra few hundred bucks a month, and be doing a very good thing for a good cause. Anyone interested in talking to me please call or text anytime
      . thank you and God bless.

    • Jack Brisco
    • Posted 03/06/2018 03:35 PM
    • Doubt they'll get anything for what they offer. Seller's market. Landlords can pick and choose.

      Looking for Real Landlords who takes Bad credit (Eastbay)
      Hi, my family and I are looking for Real Landlords who are looking for renters despite bad credit. We have excellent references and also Renters history. We are willing to pay in the range of $1000-$1300. We are willing to put a reasonable extra amount towards the deposit. We are in need of a 2 bedroom 1 bath
      We are only looking for real landlords that are not asking to put money in an account because they are "out of town." We are looking for a real apartment to view and interact with a real landlord that we can actually meet and sign a lease with.
      If you are serious about looking for a tenet, please let me know about what apartment you are trying to rent by sending me a link that works and won't direct me to the homepage of a site. Please send photos or a link and hopefully we a meet this wk for a walkthrough.
      Please send me a text or email. I'm very good at spotting scammers so please read this carefully that I'm not putting money in an account or signing a lease without seeing the property or meeting the owner/landlord. I will only deal with Landlords that are willing to show me a site and provide keys in hand.

    • Jack Brisco
    • Posted 02/22/2018 03:08 PM
    • She says she has a master's degree, yet writes like an idiot and is on Section 8. Right...

      looking for a room paid by section8 900.00 monthly (monterey/seaside/marina)

      59 yr old swf no interest in relationship so female only no pets clean space I dont live with slobs would like to be close to bus stop and am tired of living alone. Very mellow hippie chick. Perfect credit score and great landlord references' live at 1 place 32 years and another for 9. living alone is kind of no fun anymore section always has yr rent in the mailbox by the 3rd. Namaste. NO TEXTS OR EMAILS calls only I dont know how to text and have as little to do with a computer as possible. I have a Masters degree and cant be scammed okay? thats why calls only

    • Jack Brisco
    • Posted 02/18/2018 03:13 PM
    • Not real likely, unless she "helps". Housing is a seller's market here, too easy to get good money for even a small room.

      Seeking a safe place temporarily

      Hello. I posted about a week ago. I am still looking for a safe place to stay for about a month or so. I am mid 40s female with a cat and I am looking for a room to rent to exchange for doing work. I am open to child care, elderly care, pet care, office work, painting, organizing, but I am not looking to exchange for adult services. I left a bad relationship and need a little space to heal my heart and save up some money to rent a room. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. I'm a quiet introvert and I like to read in my spare time.

    • Jack Brisco
    • Posted 02/17/2018 05:10 PM
    • A married woman willing to commit adultery for a room. Pics.

      Attractive Woman Seeking Shared Bedroom Arrangement with Man over 45 (santa rosa)

      Hello, I'm a married women, 31, seeking a shared room arrangement with a gentleman 45 or over. I live in the Sacramento Area but work in Santa Rosa and the commute every morning or paying for a hotel room is killing me. Ideally I could stay on weekdays and I'd be gone on weekends. I'm very clean, good at housework, I'm an excellent cook, non smoking, friendly, and playful personality. I could have my own room or we could even share your bed if you like. I could provide certain services in addition to cooking and cleaning. I'm hoping for a rent free arrangement where we work out something creative. This could be ideal for someone recently divorced and wanting physical intimacy and companionship without all the pressure of a traditional relationship. I'm great with kids. I'm very responsible and fun. And any night it's not convenient for me to stay over I could always commute home.

    • Jack Brisco
    • Posted 01/14/2018 02:42 PM
    • Xena's a fucking airhead. Just not going to happen. NFG.

      work exchange in housing for two (santa cruz)

      hi, my name is Xena. I am 27. I do healing and acupuncture, apparently I will be the one who will be making an exchange( we can talk more about exchange , help with pets or kids) My bf works in san Jose. A private bedroom with utilities.
      we are looking forward to hear only if its an exchange and peace making people.
      need is urgent, within 7 days.
      love and light
      Thank you ^.^

    • Jack Brisco
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