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      The olympics as an event is becoming gaytarded.


      1. In the biathlon, the contestants shoot a .22 rifle - not a normal .308 or something similar. Also, it's not a real bolt action - there's this faggy little lever/toggle you tap to load another round. Completely and totally faggotized.

      2. In the ski jump, skiiers do not slide down a snowy ramp on the jump. Instead, it's a plastic surface with actual grooves for the skis. Part of the jump skillset is supposed to include the skiier's ability to properly control his descent on the ramp; that's been taken away. Faggotized.

      3. In the Skeleton (kind of a reverse luge), the right rail of the sled is fitted into a groove in the ice to guide the contestant during his accelerating sprint at the beginning. Again, this takes away from the skillset requirements. Faggotized.

      I'm thoroughly disgusted.
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      On June 11, 2007, Craig was arrested at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport for lewd conduct in a men's restroom,[43] where he was accused of soliciting a male undercover police officer for sexual activity.[44] During the resulting interview with the arresting officer, Craig insisted upon his innocence, disputing the officer's version of the event by stating that he merely had a "wide stance" (Craig states that he said he was a "wide guy",[45]) and that he had been picking up a piece of paper from the floor.

      :rofl: @ Baggers.
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      Conservatism, especially right wing conservatism, is heavily associated with stoicism, shame culture, discipline, self control, and throttling the ego, not feeding it. If you get too big of a head, we'll be sure to let you know, maybe deflate it a little. Even though right wing is hierarchical and extremely class based, we also teach the value of all things and people, a place for everything and everything in its place, in the west that there is equality in death. A peasant serves the lord and king, but the lord and king also serve the peasant. Work for the greater good.

      Thus, egomaniacs, narcissists, and those who only live to be the king monkey of the hill, their entire life is a competition to be better than everyone, hates and rejects classical conservatism, hates the right wing. A rich serf is of lower class than a poor yeoman, the richest middle classmen of lower class than a impoverished noble. Even the King is under God. To the egotist, this is unacceptable. He wishes to be the highest thing in creation, to be better than everyone, to sit atop all mankind. The King serves his people, but the egotist serves no man but himself. The old way was humility and stoicism, the egotist rejects this in favor of self praise and glorification. He has done everything for one reason only, to be better than everyone else. He does not need our old ways, as we always said to serve things greater than yourself, to fulfill obligations, duties, and remember we all all children of God. The purely vain and self centered man is an outcast in the old system, he is used because he is useful, but his ambitions are limited when they grow evil and destructive, and we do not allow him to build temples onto himself.

      You find that self righteous zealots fit in the liberal bend because the other way rejects them outright. The right wing reminds him he has duties, the conservatives remind him his race, blood, culture, society, children, spouse, family, clan, tribe, all are more important than he is. The monster that is a the egomaniac cannot abide this, as we cannot abide him.

      Someone else posted a certain truth, liberalism may have its own values, but it is heavily made of everyone that doesn't agree with right/conservatism, or everyone temped down by them. Vain and egotistical men are a big part of that. Since ego feeding and "self esteem" are crushed by us, they all find themselves in the other camp eventually. What do such men do, when collected together, when they beat their chests and boast and create great circle jerks among themselves, but to deride, defame, undermine those outside their group, worship themselves and each other, and in their endless fight to be better than others, insult and belittle those outside to be less and puff them selves up to be more?

      I've written many times before about how liberalism always attracts psuedo intellectuals and contrarians. What do these assholes do every day, all the time, but to pump themselves up and tear down everyone else to be better than others? Liberalism is a great haven for such weak men, they worship them and coddle them so in return they give them political support and money. The left has no problem recruiting almost anyone into their causes, and liberals see themselves as outsiders needing to build their coalitions, so they are accepted arms wide open, jerked off, supported, and its a great recruitment strategy.

      Left wing liberalism eventually becomes the great Big Tent that accepts everyone. The leaders are all sycophants, keeping each group separate and telling them all different lies to appease and gain power in each group. They tell these men to do whatever they want, (fuck horses, fuck kids, do drugs, shit in public, pretend they are magical dragon kin and transexuals) tell them they are always right and correct, reinforce every single view they hold, pump them up, praise them, build up their egos. Next thing you know we have the "We waz kangz" shit coming from black groups because they are backed by white liberals. Soon every pink haired loser on the streets thinks they are smarter and better than all those groups of people their political masters tell them to hate. Eventually "YOU smart THEY dumb" becomes both a great recruitment tool and a strong tactic against enemies. They love to hear they are better than others, and love to look down upon the political machine's enemies. Their need for ego feeding and love to hate with support from others is met in one single swoop. Tribalism and individual narcissism combined effectively to win people over and persecute others through validated open hatred.

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    • Niggers have successfully evolved from obsolete farm equipment to state-of-the-art sex toys for white women.
      For now yes, but in the long term they are fucked because the deficit spending and sell worthless debt to the Arabs and Chinese will not last forever. China wants to rule Earth and will not support white forever. Once that is gone white can't support black. There will be no race war because a man of your own color will stab you in the chest with a screwdriver for a can of green beans if the stores run out of food.

      The nigs (spics and crackers too) are on borrowed time. They are living like fleas on a dog. When the dog dies they will die too. There is no jumping to a Chinese dog for them.
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      Join GA today, and we will have to REHABILITATED in less than 30-minutes of intense THERAPY

      Repeat this statement over and over for the next 20-minutes, then say 10-HAIL MARYIES and 20-OUR FATHERS, and your ACT of CONTRITION will be COMPLETE!

      Say, "FUCK DA MAINSTREM JEW MEDIA", as many times as you can for 20-minutes, then say 10-HAIL MARYIES and 20-OUR FATHERS, and your ACT of CONTRITION will be COMPLETE!

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  • Join GA today
    • How do we convert these Millenial faggers to MAGA Alt-Right Conservatism?
      ^^^THIS, but also, yo have to find a way to appeal to these kids' needs.

      The only reason they are "socialists" is because they think that that system is what will deliver their needs ("health care", jobs, etc).

      Once the economy kicks into high gear and get good-paying jobs (which it will under Trump's tax plan), these kids will convert hard-core into right-wing voters.
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