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      Fuck off you stupid old CUNT! Do you think a paper map is going to be any better? FUcking RETARD! LUDDITE. CUNT!


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    • Damn. Dude had low blood pressure. Fit as a fiddle.

      You know it's in some insect country. You can see the flip=flops flying off when they get squashed. :lol:

      Every one of these death videos has flip-flops in them. You'd think these fuckers would learn to never leave the house in them.
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    • California Southbound I-5 near SR99 reopens after 9 hour closure, 10 vehicle crash, 2 dead
      "...The incident began as a two-car collision near the interstate's intersection with State Route 166, according to CHP spokesperson Brian Moore.

      The two cars involved in the crash were stopped on the freeway, and soon a big rig traveling in the same direction ran into them, Moore said.

      ...With traffic lanes blocked by the wreckage, a group of more than a dozen vehicles were unable to stop in time and began smashing into each other in a series of at least nine more collisions, according to Moore.

      In total some 30 vehicles were involved in the chain-reaction crash. ..."
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