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    • ISIS Call to Arms against Non-Muslim Americans
      what guntards (let us be honest, they are racist white trash) don't understand is the easier they make it for themselves to get guns,the easier they make it for people whom they don't want to get guns. that includes beaners, niggers, and muzzies.
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    • Official Glock Porn thread!

      I would rather be holding that chick's tits, providing a service to dampen vibrations and titty shake, and such.
    • Glock Porn
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    • > 11/19/2017 06:55 AM : Dot587
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  • Glock Porn
    • Arrested for having a Concealed Weapon
      I was arrested at a bank for having a "concealed weapon" in my pants. I was there to pay my bills. When I walked up to the teller she looked at my crotch and screamed"He's got a gun!" The cops arrived in 30 seconds flat. A female officer yelled"Don't move!","Let me see your weapon, NOW!!" So I unzipped my fly and pulled out my weapon. What was I supposed to do? She held my shaft and measured it. 11.5 inches. Usually just an even 11 inches but the excitement made it 11.5 inches. To the astonishment of everyone in the bank she sucked my weapon until I came in her mouth.

      She said with a grin as she wiped her chin: "Your weopon is over the limit"

      "This time I sucked it, but next time I'll show you my pussy and you're gonna fuck it!"

      Also, she gave me a ticket for a broken tail light on my car and told me to get it fixed.
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  • 11.5 inches
    • I want this gun!

      Just cheap shit. If you don't know pistols, stay away from small ones as your first. Too easy to shot yourself with, difficult to shoot well.
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