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    • Down Syndrome Civil Rights Timeline. Guess (((Who)))?
      Every single fucking time. (((They))) never stop.



      The Commonwealth of Virginia passes a state law that allows for sterilization (without consent) of individuals found to be: "feebleminded, insane, depressed, mentally handicapped, epileptic and other." Alcoholics, criminals and drug addicts are also sterilized.

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  • Saint AdolfX
    • Death Debate Continues. Oswald Alone or Assisted?

      "The mystery of the brutal killing of John F. Kennedy keeps deepening. In 1964, the Warren Commission, established to investigate the assassination, concluded that JFK was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald, that Oswald acted entirely alone, and that there was no evidence of a conspiracy, foreign or domestic. But the Commission's findings proved controversial and challenged by later studies."


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  • GruntledX
    • Why have there been so few French immigrants to the US compared to other European countries?
      They were the majority of whites east of the Mississippi River in late 1700s and early 1800s. About 1/2 of the old towns still around and most of the small rivers in southern MO have French names. They, trappers, got along well with the Injuns. Once the Germans, English, and Scotch started moving in and farming/clearing, most got out fast, headed to N.W. Territory and Canada ahead of cultivation. A few stayed around in pockets.

      Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, on the Mississippi River was founded circa 1735, and is one of the few that was preserved.

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  • Hans JrX
    • Jews shud have had small State in Canada after WWII
      I remember they were talking about breaking off Montreal if Quebec separation went through. Also Quebec wasn't going to leave with anything more than they had when they entered confederation so Canada would keep the far north.

      Montreal has a lot of Jews. Many of the English left after the Quebec nationalist governments took over. Jews pretty much took over McGill and all the upper class wasp neighborhoods.

      The Orthodox Jews have a couple of Jew towns up in cottage country and parts of Montreal are very Jewish.
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  • deployableX
      Kelly Says Lack Of 'Compromise' Started Civil War, Defends Confederate Statues


      Doesn't that bigot know that all Confederates were traitors? Is he that ignorant?

      PS: the topic still disappears at random on preview :mad:
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    • You recite all the Kipling you want Boris Johnson. Fuck the conquered in the ass.
      Reassert yourself Britain. Flex your muscle and shake the ground.


      During a January visit to Myanmar's holiest Buddhist site, he began to recite a colonial-era poem before being cut off mid-sentence by the British ambassador. "You're on mic. Probably not a good idea," he was told. To which the top diplomat responded: "What, The Road to Mandalay?" The answer: "No. Not appropriate." The poem by Rudyard Kipling is nostalgic about Britain's colonial past in Burma.
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  • CurbstompX
    • Strong evidence that Donald Trump has been a racist all his life!
      think of his taj-mahal casino fashioned as the temple of worshiping alibabas, swastikas, cannibals and borats. The racism has nothing to do with anything. it's a diversion for indian companions. http://i.imgur.com/gqP1hXm.gif

      Of course natural behavior of any indian companion is designed to bark at any alien or predator threat coming the way of the rainbow overlords. Little do the indian companions know that many of those threats are not exactly threats.
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  • Lord RapingcockX
    • Did the South have the right to secede?

      The South has stolen most of the North's businesses and added a lot of foreign ones. But they paid the North back by sending a lot of niggers north to destroy their cities.



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