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    • Trump is toast
      He's done well in terms of job creation, allowing ICE to do their job and with foreign affairs.

      Unfortunately so many people voted for him on account of the fact he's going to be build a wall and the liberal propaganda machine of accusing anyone white of being a nazi still running at full power it'll be hard for him.

      The silver lining is that the DNC has nobody worth a shit to run against him.
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  • Toasty McToast
    • Out of 1.3 trillion in the budget, exactly zero went to building Trump's wall.
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      "$38,000,000 for border barrier planning and design"

      "$196,000,000 for acquisition and deployment of border security technology"


      About a quarter billion for the border tech.

      Call it a fence if you want. That's what Trump calls it (because we need to see through it). I don't really give a shit what they call it, it will be nice to have the fence (wall) on the border with Mexico.

      Only someone completely fucking insane wouldn't want it. Helps keep the criminals out.
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    • The Mandela Effect: Let's hear some of your examples
      A looks more correct, the Panama canal was a joke, and wasn't necessary. Technology chutes are how boats in size-in can pass through a chute to chute across any distance within the world. It's at work right now. That looks like a map more correct because I know for fact that World plan doesn't keep the Grenadines AT ALL. A few new islands there (engineered) but no Grenadines.

      A is almost correct as a map...more than B. The moves are because we are expected to control tectonics within a World, and do so with a better land mass result and fewer volcanos and other illegal eyesores.
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    • Weak, weak whites.
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      We enjoy stealing white women from their limp-dicked white boyfriends and husbands. It's a fun sport.

      Get over it whitey. You may have more money and perhaps a better job but we have what really satisfies your womenfolk.

      You can have the fat ugly ones like Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Black dudes go for the crème de la crème pussy.
    • COCK
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